New in winemaking: VEGECOLL

New in winemaking: VEGECOLL


VEGECOLL from Laffort is a vegetal protein isolate extracted from potato, which has been selected for its clarification properties. Its high native protein concentration and its Zeta Potential make it a high reactive protein in wine.

Can be use as an alternative for gelatin:

– In must: especially during flotation – for short lees flotation time and for the elimination of phenolic compounds (oxidised, as well as susceptible to oxidation).
–  In white, rosé and red wine: for its high clarification and sedimentation rate, stabilisation of colouring matter and elimination of red wine astringent tannins.

vegecoll exp
• In must: before or during fermentation.
• In wine: during fining.
• Must and flotation : 5 – 10 g/hL (50 – 150 ppm).
• White wine: 1 – 4 g/hL (10 – 400 ppm).
• Press wine: 5 – 10 g/hL (50 – 100 ppm).
• Red wine: 2 – 8 g/hL (20 – 80 ppm).
Maximum legal dose (International Code Of Oenological
Practices): 50 g/hL (500 ppm).

Rehydrate VEGECOLL in 10 times its weight in water (1 Kg for 10 L of water) before incorporation. Strong agitation can induce foam formation. It is recommended to use the emulsion within the same day of preparation. Do not prepare the solution directly in wine as it would flocculate with wine compounds.
After incorporation, homogenize the product in wine with a pumping-over.


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