New in Winemaking: OENOBRETT

New in Winemaking: OENOBRETT


OENOBRETT from Laffort is a specific combination of a natural polysaccharide: chitosan and a pectinase / glucanase enzymatic preparation that facilitates the lysis and the elimination of Brettanomyces yeasts.


The chitosan breaks the parietal structure, accented by the synergic effect of enzymes that increase the settling of lysed yeast. The diminution of the Brettanomyces yeast population is significant and allows to prevent spoilage.


Trials on Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 (free SO2= 21 mg/L, total SO2= 85 mg/L, pH=3.85, temperature = 15°C, Oenobrett was added to the wine (10 g/hL) and a control received 20 mg/L SO2. Additions were done at the same time and wines were racked at the same time.


The chitosan and enzyme preparation synergy ensures the efficiency of Oenobrett regardless of:
– The population level, the physiological state and the Brettanomyces strain.
– The colloidal state of the wine.



Treatment must be after the completion of both AF and MLF.
Adjust wine SO2 in accordance to good oenological practices.


Recommended dosage: 10 g/hL (100 ppm).
Maximum dose: International Code of Oenological pratices: 25 g/hL (250 ppm).


Dissolve in ten times its weight in water or wine – Use a clean and inert container.
Introduce the preparation into the wine, homogenise properly (maintain a stable wine temperature above 10°C throughout the treatment).
Possible racking after 8 day of treatment.


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