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This weekend indulge in one of these exciting Chardonnays - all are under £20 and rated by the experts...Great value wines under £20 Chardonnay is one of the most versatile grape varieties, from steely Chablis to full, oaky styles. We've rounded up some top Chardonnay wines from around the world, [...]
In partnership with ARAEX Grands Everything you need to know about this key Spanish wine region...Sierra Heredad BarojaIn partnership with ARAEX Grands Rioja fact file Rioja DOC covers 63,500 ha of vineyards, spreading through three administrative regions: La Rioja, Basque Country and Navarra, 144 municipalities, and hundreds of distinctive vineyard [...]
Plus, is wine a performance-enhancing substance? French athletes ponder. And the latest wine archaeology digs up 19th-century Latour [...]
A lawyer by training, McLaren was an ambassador and champion for California's Central Coast wineries [...]
The Symington Family Estates group, most famous for Port production, has announced that it is to build a dedicated winery for its growing portfolio of Douro DOC table wines.A view across Douro Valley.The new winery is expected to cost between $4-5 million and will be built on its Quinta do [...]
A British study links alcohol with cancer-causing DNA damage, but also shows how the body naturally protects against it [...]
Promotional feature.The Chinese wine market is evolving rapidly and Wajiu is a wine import company that's poised to take advantage of the growth.Promotional feature. Wajiu: Leading the way in the Chinese wine market Since it was founded in Beijing in 2014, Wajiu has expanded across China to major cities including Tianjin, Guangzhou, [...]
Jane Anson speaks to Will Harlan about the launch of Cabernet-based Promontory outside the US via the Place de Bordeaux , and hears more about Harlan Estate's '200 year plan'... Promontory is coming to the Place de Bordeaux.When Bill Harlan arrived on the Californian wine scene, his stated ambition was [...]
The multi-talented musician, of Nickel Creek and I'm With Her, has followed a wine track from kegs to the Côte d'Or [...]
Champagne shipments have remained steady in 2017, with higher demand beyond the EU making up for fewer bottles being drunk domestically, show new figures.Champagne shipments have remained steady in 2017. Champagne shipments up by just 0.4% in 2017, driven by non-EU exports Record value of 4.9 billion euros According to figures from the [...]