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With its high vineyards and limestone soils, this large Catalonian DO makes distinctive whites from the Garnatxa Blanca grape. Miquel Hudin takes us on a tour of the region and introduces the top producers and wines to look out for…Vineyards in the DO Terra ALta. Only a foolish Catalan politician [...]
Italian authorities have arrested three suspects in a scheme to sell at least 11,000 counterfeit bottles of the legendary super Tuscan wine Antinori Toscana Tignanello in Italy, Germany and Belgium. First reported by Italian media, the arrests were confirmed to Wine Spectator by Alessia Antinori, vice president of Marchesi Antinori. [...]
Respected California winemaker Bob Lindquist has parted ways with the Qupé wine venture that he founded in the 1980s and has set up a new project named Lindquist Family Wines.The new Lindquist Family Wines range will use a linden tree as its logo. In Swedish, Lindquist literally translates to linden, [...]
Koshu is Japan's native grape variety. Could its time be coming? Low in alcohol, crisp and delicate, it certainly ticks a lot of boxes...Koshu is Japan's only indigenous grape variety, although its origins aren't entirely known.Japan may be better known for its sake, but its national grape, Koshu, has been [...]
Shipments of French wine rose to nearly 9bn euros in 2018, but there was a marked fall in exports to China and Brexit has left producers in a ‘fog' over the important UK market.French wine exports rose by 2.6% in 2018 to €8.9bn, said the nation's wine and spirits export [...]
John Zimcosky is on a path familiar to many wine lovers, toward a deeper engagement with the people and places that make the wines he loves. As the winner of Wine Spectator's 2018 Top 100 sweepstakes, he can now use the Top 10 Wines of 2017 as roadsigns along the [...]
Cork taint is going to the dogs—literally. Chile-based cooperage TN Coopers has enlisted the help of our furry best friends to track down TCA, TBA (2,4,6-tribromoanisole) and other harmful compounds that make wine unpleasant or even undrinkable, and plans to bring its highly trained team of wet noses and wagging [...]
Updated: Feb. 14, 2019From Andalusia to Rioja, Spain abounds with wines of outstanding quality, value and food-pairing versatility. And Americans have never before had such access to the diversity of Spain's many distinctive wines. These 12 restaurants from around the United States make their Spanish wine selections a focal point. [...]