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15 years professional experience in wine industry including cool climate winemaking, icewine, appassimento, winery start-up, winemaking research and training, Crafting Wines provide advice and support to wine businesses, from the smaller owner operator, medium size wine business to the large commercial operation.

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Winemaking & Viticulture Advicewine bottle

Advice in all aspects of the wine making process from harvest to bottling.
Bottling and packaging.
Wine quality improvements.
Grapes assessment.
Quality control and risk management.
Blending wine to meet the market.
Products evaluation.
Winery procedures and practices evaluation.
Optimization of winery and vineyard performance.

Winery Design, Winery Start-up & Project Managementwinery tanks

Winery design projects from small scale expansion to full winery establishment. Projects may include the following elements:

Concept and product development.
Operation cost estimation.
Equipment specification, sourcing.
Design of winery processes, crush-pad, bottling, packaging.
Feasibility study.

Wine Business Strategy & Marketingvineyard

Review of long-term company goals and marketing strategy.
Update short to medium term plans to meet long term strategic goals. Financial modelling based on short and medium term sales budgets.
Winemaking processes and equipment appraisal.
Evaluation of product offer, fit to market opportunity and strength of brand proposition.

Routine Wine & Grapes Analysis

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